Nothing comes easily - would you fill this empty space inside me?

I would do all. Everything. Anything you'd ask of me. I don't need anything or anybody else.
I'll lay down on the ground. I'll wait for you. But will you ever come?
I don't know what to say. I don't know how to say how I feel. Those words... especially those three words... they're said too often. They could not express what I feel, and...
would they be enough for you, anyways?
I'll lay down on the ground. I'll wait for you. I'd lay down on the streets. I'd wait for you. But you'd never come.
If you could, would you forget what you're told? Would you forget everything you know - for me? For yourself? Forget about it all before we get too old. Show me life. Show me love. I want you to show me and to forget everything you have been told.
Let's lay down on the ground. In the middle of the streets. Chase cars away, staying right where we are.
We could stay where we are,
I need your grace. I need your love. I need you now. I need you to remind me to find myself. To find peace.
I'll lay down on the ground. I'll wait for you.
All that I was those last weeks, all that I ever could be, everything I am - it was all there in your eyes, but now I don't see you anymore. I don't see your eyes.
There's nothing there in your eyes, not anymore.
Still your face is all I can see.
Nothing is like it seems. I need you to turn my grief to grace.
I lay down on the ground. I wait for you.

But you will never come.

2.1.11 00:43

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